Dev Forums Community/Site Rules

Dev Forums Community/Site Rules

Welcome to the Dev Forums! We know rules are probably the most boring thing when joining or becoming part of a new community/platform, however, it is important to establish this basic list of expectations within the community. We try our best to keep them simple.

We recommend starting on the welcome post, then return here to view the full set of rules.

Community/Site Rules:

  1. Use common sense
    When using the site exercise common sense and use basic netiquette.

  2. Releasing Content:
    All members are welcomed and encouraged to release content, however, all content released on the site must be free. We are not a marketplace for paid content.

  3. Content Download Links:
    Downloads should be uploaded directly to the site or on a trusted file hosting site. (i.e: Google Drive, GitHub.) If you are using another site you consider to be “trusted” you risk your link being removed.

  4. Content Quality
    All posts, content, releases, etc. should have a base level of quality. Don’t submit something you aren’t proud of or something you know doesn’t work. We encourage you to attempt new things and learn, however, the purpose of this rule is to maintain a quality in the content released on this site. If something is incomplete or you are working on it make sure you indicate that obviously on your post. This covers releases of scripts/plugins and posts/content in general.

  5. Advertising
    Advertising in any capacity on this site is not tolerated (This includes creating private message chats/rooms to contact other members with advertisements.) unless in the one category created for it. You can find that category/section here. There aren’t many restrictions on what you can advertise, however, you may not advertise anything that breaks our TOS/Guidelines or rules. You may not advertise your support server (discord) or support platform in your release posts and you may not create release posts in the advertisements category. You may advertise your discord or platform that hosts your paid content in the advertisements category, however, you may not directly advertise a paid product on our site at all.

  6. Credits/Copyright/DMCA
    This one is fairly simple. You may not release or advertise content that isn’t yours or content you do not have permission to edit or advertise. If you are editing someones work make sure you have their permission first, especially in the case where you expect to release it. You will be required to provide staff with the proof you contacted the original owner/author of the work and they gave you permission to do so. You must also clearly state you expect to re-release the edited content. Reposts are not permitted at all.

  7. “Leaking”
    This is somewhat of a continuation of rule #6, however, it is important we have this here. We do not allow, support, or condone “leaking” in any sense or in any form. Our platform is based upon free/community projects allowing everyone to expand, share, and learn but that does not mean you are allowed to take paid work and make it free. Anyone found to be “leaking” on our site will have their post taken down and receive a permanent ban as well.

  8. Blank Posts
    You may not submit empty/blank posts. You may not submit posts with little content. Your post must contribute something.

  9. Rules & Rule Updates
    Punishments, rule interpretation (to a small extent), and rule updates are left to the discretion of our staff. If you have a problem with any of the staff you may contact me directly to resolve it.

Whenever something is in question, contact staff. Do not attempt to “confront” or “mini-mod” the situation/issue yourself. If you are trying to report someone flag the post and let us deal with it. In some situations you will be required to provide extra proof to our staff team.

Thank you for reading our community and site rules! We appreciate you taking the time to become a member and part of our community! From the entire staff team we look forward to seeing you around!