Welcome to The Dev Forums!

Welcome to the Dev Forums Community! We are a community created for all developers to learn, create, and share!

The Dev Forums Community has been created to allow all developers, no matter their experience level, to have a place to share, create, grow, and learn. While we have started the community with a few basic categories focusing on a few specific games we accept all types of development discussion, posts, and releases!

That being said we understand that is a large and ambitious goal… Further assist us with this goal by submitting your comments, ideas, and any bugs in the Feedback Category!

A Few Important Things:

  1. Make sure to read, understand, and follow the rules. (The rules can be found here.)
  2. Make sure to always post things in their designated category to keep the site clean and easy to navigate.
  3. Be helpful, respectful and have fun!

A Few Important Categories:

  1. The Site Important Section (Includes Rules & More!)
  2. The Main Community Section (Includes most of the “discussions” and general stuff.)
  3. The Tutorials Section (Includes most of the basic and general tutorials!)

Lastly, if needed our team is here to help. Find a post that you think breaks the rules? Flag it! See something you feel should be brought to our attention? Contact us!


Once again welcome to the Dev Forums Community and enjoy your time here!

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